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Basic camping tips for the tent camper!

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Ice chest and cooler tips

Ice with a handleIce with a handle

Here is a trick we all know but rarely use, yet we should get in the habit of doing this because:

Camp freezer

This is something that will really help you if you are going to be out tent camping for more than just a few days:

Note: Having a freezer makes ice cream, frozen pies and such possible for desserts. Be careful with dry ice as it can frost bite skin in a matter of seconds.

Critter and bug control

Camp food preparation and sanitation

Tent camping dictates an extra measure of care when it comes to food preparation since you will likely be, perhaps, many hours away from the nearest medical facility. A case of food poisoning 10 miles down a rough, 5 mile an hour, four wheel drive, dirt road is the last thing you need. So here are a few things to be extra careful about:


Best Campouts.

Don't let a little rain keep you from camping!