Camp meal planning system

Step 1 Make a menu



Fri - none
Sat -Sausage, eggs, pancakes
Sun - Ham, eggs biscuits & gravy
Mon - Bacon, eggs grits



Fri - none
Sat -hot dogs, chips granola bars, fruit
Sun - cold cuts, chips granola bars, fruit
Mon - hamburgers, chips granola bars, fruit



Fri - green chili burros
Sat -ham, mash potatoes, fry bread rolls
Sun - Elk stew, dumplings
Mon - none


Step 2 List ingredients and quantities



eggs 2 dozen

bacon 1 lb

sausage 1 lb

ham from ham dinner

bisquick 1 box

grits 1 cup

milk 1 quart

syrup 1 bottle


chuck box


hot dogs buns 1 pkg. of 8

hamburgers buns 1 pkg. of 8

cold cuts 2 packs

chips 2 bags

granola bars 2 boxes

fruit variety bag

hot dogs 1 pkg. of 8

hamburgers 2 lb

mustard 1 bottle

mayo 1 bottle

ketchup 1 bottle

relish 1 bottle

lettuce 1 head

tomato 4

onion 1

cheese for burro dinner



Green chili burros

flour tortillas 1 doz

longhorn cheese 1 lb

onion 1

salsa 1 bottle


Ham, mash potatoes, veggies, rolls

ham 1 small

potato buds 2 cups

veggies 1 bag froz

frozen pie 1 froz.

frozen bread 1/2 bag


Elk stew and dumpling

stew meat (elk) 2 lbs

potatoes 4

carrots 10

turnip 1

pearl onions 1 bag

frozen bread 1/2 bag

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Step 3 Create lists

Take from home list

1 stick butter
6 potatoes
5 carrots
Bisquick canister
grits canister
2 lbs. stew meat (elk)
2 onion


(This is a good place to check your chuck box and add anything you might be low on or need extra of, like salt and pepper, toilet paper or paper towels.)

Basic shopping list

2 dozen eggs
1 lbs of bacon
1 lbs of sausage
1 quart milk
6 medium potatoes
2 lb hamburger
6 hamburger buns
8 hot dogs
8 hot dog buns
1 lb cold cuts
24 slices of cheese
1 loaf bread
2 bags chips
2 boxes granola bars
1 can green chilies
1 can green enchilada sauce
1 doz. flour tortillas
longhorn cheese
1 small ham
1 bag frozen veggies
1 frozen pie
1 bag frozen bread
1 turnip
1 bag pearl onions
1 doz. corn tortillas
crushed ice

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This little three step process is easier than it looks. You just make a menu, which, in turn dictates a list of ingredients. Round up what you already have at home, especially things like mustard, mayo and butter. What’s left becomes your shopping list.

Some folks (and I’m one) tend toward collecting camping recipes on 3x5 cards. This way you just consult the card index, see what looks good, pull as many meals as you need, and voila! there is your list of ingredients all ready for you. A quick check to make sure quantities are appropriate for your group size, and you are on your way to the store.

Our check list gets us everything we need to cook with, but the meal plan gets us the food we need for a given trip. Thus, one needs to develop a good meal plan system. The further you venture from civilization, the more important this becomes.

Our free downloads has blank forms for this procedure.

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Go Camping!