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Welcome to this illustrated collection of camping tips, tricks and ideas that have evolved from many years of tent camping experience. Whether you are a 'greenhorn' novice camper or salty old curmudgeon, there is something here that will enhance your camping skills and abilities.

This site is entirely devoted to the concerns of the tent camper. We have everything from camping gear and equipment discussions to easy camping recipes to camping entertainment ideas. And while there are some camp kitchen techniques like pit barbecuing and other helpful tidbits and recipes for the camp cook, you'll find the camp kitchen discussed at length at our other site.

We also have instructional and wildlife videos intermixed. And, by all means, don't forget to get our free camping tips PDF downloads which includes a camping checklist, camp meal plan and a set of free camping equipment plans for a camping gear project.

Out here in the west, tent camping is a cherished family past time that usually works in concert with other delightful outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, hunting, fishing, mushrooming, rock hunting, gold panning or any number of other recreations. It's fun! And It's the only time I ever really feel free.

So why don't we go camping more often? Actually the primary secret to going camping more often is to be a skilled camper. And that is what is all about - helping you become skilled by adding to your outdoor knowledge base. So, the process of going camping, equipment setup, and tear down will be smooth and efficient pastimes not lengthy cumbersome chores. In other words, it will be easy to go, so you'll do it more often.

We hope you enjoyed the tricks and tips of Please have a look at our blog and subscribe to our youtube video channel.

Go Camping!

Dutch Oven cooking video

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