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There are a number of reasons why you might find yourself involved in putting on a group campout as they are quite common place in scouting circles and other outdoor organizations. Also many families find the big family campout to be a particularly fun, cost effective and non threatening way to do family reunions or a yearly get together.


The large group campout provides these advantages :


As with any campout, 'success' is largely determined by the degree of preparation that has been applied and the camping skills of the principal organizers. ( Since you are reading this you are probably one of them ;-) Fear not! It's all quite doable if you address the right issues.

However, Murphy's Law of "if it can go wrong it will" really applies here.


Notify attendees:

Early crew

If possible, send in a small setup crew the day before all the action starts. Here is where you have the time to gather and cut enough firewood for the event, ( it usually takes a lot) layout and reserve the kitchen area, setup tarps and coverings, dig and start the pit barbecue, direct the port-a-potty placement and get signs out for people to navigate their way to you.

Campout meals

A camping meal plan and camp kitchen checklist are essential for large gatherings as the meal plan defines the food you need while the checklist makes sure you have what you need to cook your selected camping meals.

Kitchen crew training and cleanup

Make sure you teach the kitchen crew the basic food handling issues and techniques. ( Food tends to be a lot more palatable if we can keep the bugs and grubby fingers out of it. ;- )


Be sure to read our daytime entertainment and night time entertainment web pages.

Record thoughts

Write down your thoughts on how it went and what you should do different next time. For example, making notes on how the food and water quantities worked out and which meals were most appreciated will really help you out next time.


Don't be afraid to give it a try and I'll bet you will find group outings become one of your favorite camping experiences.

Big Campouts

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Camping with Kids

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Go Camping!

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