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Here is a, no sign-up required download to help you plan out your camping efforts. It's a place to write down what you need to take with and even what you need to do different next time. The links in it are HOT and will take you to good information. It's also nice to print out for hard copy reasons. I find that once I write something down it's much more likely to actually happen. It's a big file and thus takes a while to download. Be sure save it!

Go Camping! Calendar/Planner

Here are some basic tips to help address those 'oh so common', yet terribly annoying simple things. They can destroy your campout if not done properly. You will find some easy solutions for dealing with your ice chest, food preparation and sanitation practices, bug and critter control and there is even a video on the 'easy way to roll  up a tent'.  ( It's not what you think. ) But then you are here to learn things you don't already know. Right???

Basic Camping Tips

How do you get out more often and have more fun with less work. You become skilled at what your doing. In the case of camping, there are five important skills you need to hone in order to acheive more great outings for you and yours.


This is another little free PDF to help you do that. Download and save it. It will help you with your camping endeavors!

The Five Camping Skills

Thoughts, ideas and tips one should consider when acquiring their tent camping gear and equipment. It's almost a proposition of 'less is more' considering you have to load and unload it every time you go. But your  camp setup is really a bit of an investment in your well being for the time you are there, so you have to think this through very carefully. As is often the case in life, we must compromise between quality and money.

Camping Gear & Equipment

There is not much more fun than doing a well conceived family camping vacation and this page has a world of tips and ideas for you. There are two videos to inspire your sense of adventure and help develop the right mentalities. The biggest thing is how to keep it an inexpensive proposition and still make it fun. Still there are a few things you need to know in order to pull this off and keep your gang happy too.

The Camping Vacation

Simple recipes that will put some big smiles on the faces of your hungry crew. Don't forget to get our free camping cookbook too! It's in our download pack. You haven't lived till you have done camp donuts, eaten camp tacos, foil wrap cooked a trout or had the kids make banana boats. And there is actually some healthy meal suggestions as well including fajitas and pepper steak. Happy campers are well fed campers!

Easy Camping Recipes

There are many, let's say, 'obvious' kinds of things like the momma bear shown here but have you every considered the danger associated with of a bungy cord or your cell phone? You should, as common things can be more of a hazard when camping. The stories on this camping hazards web-page is stuff that really happened to me or somebody I know. If it's happened before it can happen again. To you? I hope not.

Camping Hazards

Camp cooking can be pretty challenging even under the best of circumstances. It's really good to have a few special cooking tricks to fall back on like this 'pit' BBQ technique. My brother Charley use to love doing this kind of cooking. No wonder considering he had eight mouths to fed when it was just him and his family and quite often people like me got to tag along too. This is a great technique to know if you camp with more than a few.

Dutch Oven Pit BBQ

Tent camping is a cherished family past time that usually works in concert with other activities like hiking, mountain biking, hunting, fishing, rock hunting, gold panning etc... Here are a bunch of camping activities to occupy you and yours. We spend considerable effort showing you how to do a sun dial on this page. Not just because it's fun to do but it also teaches a sense of direction. Quite a necessary  skill to have when venturing out into the woods.

Daytime Activities

OK you already know about storytelling, singing rounds and star gazing and I do talk about those things on this 'camping night fun' web-page too. I also try to point you to some good references for such things. But have you ever tried night walking or done a grease bomb? There is good reason to look into these pastimes as well. One of the main lessons to learn though, is it's suppose to be dark at night don't you know? It's not scary, it's fun!

Nighttime Activities

Many scouting groups will do at least one big campout a year. And some families have a camping tradition for reunion purposes. Long and very remote trips can also present big challenges. ( Let's face it, there are no convenience stores out there. ;-) Hunting can be particularly difficult in this way. I also tend to do a couple of campouts a year with music groups. Lots of good people equals lots of good fun! Here is how to do those big camping trips.

Group Campouts

A tarp might keep your campout from turning into a soggy disaster. Most people don't realize they are good on sunny days too. They guarantee shade. In addition a tarp can be setup as a wind break. If you camp a lot this really becomes an essential tent camping skill. Here is a page with video that illustrates how to put one up with tips you haven't seen before. It isn't difficult if you know the tricks and have what you need. I think it's kind of fun to do too.

Putting Up a Camping Tarp

It's the thing you should always have but hope you never need. It's harder to make a good camping first aid kit than you think. Those kits you buy off the shelf from the store are practically useless so you really have to do a lot of supplementing. What's the most common camping injury? My bet would be a burn. Does your camping first aid kit have any burn medication in it? Make sure you review this web-page before your next camping trip.

Camping First Aid Kit

The fundraising ideas here are most intended for the scouting type groups out there but work equally well for other non-profit organizations too. Money, money, money it's always about money ...right? Not necessarily if your have the right people involved in your efforts. Raising money for your troop is really more an issue of ideas and organization. Here are some tips on both. It's only hard the first time you set things up, assuming you do it right.

Fund Raising for Scouting

We all need a good survival plan. Your camping equipment and expertise gives you a huge advantage over the standard population of people. That does  assume you have a good plan. This covid-19 thing has really made this hit a little too close to home. Just having to hunker down has demonstrated the importance of at least having a food stash, that will sustain you for and extended period of time. The key to survival is self sufficiency. Learn here!.

Camping Survival Plan

Most of us just love seeing wildlife when we get a chance to get out camping. This is a small collection of wildlife videos I have take over the years. Honestly, I have included this video web-page  mostly to help get you motivated to get your camping act together. Subscribe to our Youtube channel. You'll find a few more of the wildlife type videos if you like such things. And as you might expect, there are lots of camping tips there too!

Wildlife and Outdoor Videos

This is the absolute gold mine of camping preparation. Well at least that is true for those who like to plan out their efforts and thus know what to expect when they get to their various camp sites and tour destinations. You can use Google Earth to research any number of issues associate with your camping efforts before you go. Mostly though it just helps you plan and estimate the needs of you various hikes, trips and tours so there are fewer surprises.

Camping with Google Earth

Our Camping checklist is a great starting point for your camping efforts. It is easy to modify for the needs of you and yours as we have grouped things into logical categories. Do you know what the most commonly forgotten items are? We do because that's what gets borrow from us at our group campouts. We highlights those items for you. Your list is really the heart of your camping routine so do it right and things will be easy.

Camping Checklist

Yeah, yeah, yeah... you have heard it all before. "Get our great Newsletter!" This usually turns out to be and endless stream of 'in your face' product marketing and promotion. Not so in our case. Honestly I rarely try to sell you anything. However, there will almost always be a reference or two to our camp kitchen and chuck box website. Mostly, our newsletter tries to motivate, inspire and encourage your camping efforts.

Newsletter Example & Tour

No  sign-up to get this download. It's completely free and will really help you develop and hone your camping skills. This includes some information from this website like our camping tarp and pit BBQ pages. You also get Ken's cookbook and checklist. The 'Go Camping! Calendar/Planner' is in here too.This will definately motivate your 'inner camper'! You'll want to print out this book and keep it in a folder or have it spiral bound so you can write in it.

Free PDF Download Package

The hardest thing to get right in tent camping is the kitchen. The living quarters become easy once you learn how to put up a tarp and erect a tent . With some minimal attention, and gear, sleeping is also no problem. But when we need to cook, the world gets complicated fast! Food preparation and cleanup require lots of effort. Go here for all you need to know about dealing with the complications of the camp kitchen and build one of these highly evolved designs.

Camp Kitchen Chuck Box

Go Camping! Calendar Video - download it!

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Go Camping!

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