Camping with Google Earth

Google Earth is a wonderful FREE DOWNLOAD for us camper 'types'. We started using it many years ago to mark where we would be camped so our friends and relatives could find us. ( We very often camp in pretty remote locations.) But the hunter types out there can really benefit from being able to survey the landscape for salient features, water sources and vegetation pockets. You can even get down to the level of being able to look down on the back roads and trails for suitable camping spots, vantage points and such.


It is absolutely  a must have tool in your camping toolbox whether heading out for just a day hike, back pack, a mountain bike trip or even and especially a camping vacation. 


You should actually use it on areas you already know. Don't be surprised if you learn a few things


I suppose the best part of Google Earth is that it gives you a nice easy way to evaluate the terrain and measure distances before you even get to your destination. And it even shows you the best way to get to your destination be it a trailhead,  camp spot or National Park.


What I really like about it is it's very easy to use. Have a quick look at this well done Google Earth instructional video that you might find particularly helpful:


camping with Google Earth


You don't really even have to download Google Earth anymore. Click on the image to go to the webpage and Launch it.

Multiple Vantage Points

Google Earth 2D map of AZ


In the two dimensional mode ( 2D ) you  can look straight down on a given area as if a picture were taken from a satellite. ( Incidentally, it was.) However, you can zoom in right down to being able to see the cars on the road or individual trees in the forest. It's actually easy to 'fly directly over' roads and even hiking trails. The ruler tool allows you to measure the 'as the crow flies' distances between points on the map in this view. 



In the three dimensional mode ( 3D ) you're more like a bird soaring over the terrain. In either mode you can easily zoom in and out, pan side to side or change the direction of the orientation.  


This is a spectacular 'must have' tool for all us camper, hiker, biker, hunter outdoor types. Get it. Learn it. Use it. You'll like it!

Go Camping!

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