I am back doing occassional newsletters!

They usually have these four sections that describe what's new and such. I really just try to provide inspiration and motivation to get you out camping more often. Thank you so much for actually  watching videos and visiting the webpages featured in these communications!!!!




Obviously this website is the best way to keep up with the latest camping tips. However, the videocamper YouTube channel has a subscription option so you get notification when we post a new video. The same applies to our Blog. Also there is a camping tips facebook channel.





The kitchen constitutes the bulk of the work in tent camping circles. We  back making chuck boxes again!we do still sell plans for making them and this website is a great source for camp kitchen information. The videocamper YouTube channel and the Blog are also tools I use here to spread the word so to speak.




We also have a woodworking webite devoted to cool projects suitable for gifts. This effort has it's own YouTube channel.



Ken Ralston Information

To be perfectly honest with you, I am doing this information for my grand kids. Mostly I want to get the stories of my youth told just so they know about how things were when I was a kid. But there is also some other videos associate with camping, hunting, music festivals and maybe even a couple entertainment poems or songs.  So this is mostly a YouTube channel.



Greetings fellow campers,


This opening article is usually linked to a Blog article. For example here is a look at the first blog article Ken wrote back in 2007.


I would recommend you read those earlier articles as there are a lot of good ideas, tips and other camping notions there.


Sometimes we also do a poll in this opening segment of the newsletter and I generally give you the results in the next newsletter. (Thanks for participating.)



Camping-Tips.com News


Here is where you will find our links to new camping tips web pages or videos. In this example we have a play-list of about ten videos that demonstrate everything from making a sun dial to putting up a camp tarp. 

BlueSkyKitchen.com News


Likewise, this section will have new content associate with our chuck box website. This will usually be new products, demonstration videos ( as shown here) and even coupons if I am running any kind of special. I rarely do coupon type promos but the only place you will ever see them is in our newsletter.

Woodworkinggifts.com News


And here is the latest what's happening stuff on or sister woodworker website. Because we offer chuck box plans for sell we end up attracting a lot of just general woodworkers too.


This is sort of a 'shade-tree' woodworking channel with tricks, ideas and even projects you never new existed.

wood working gifts plans book


Tying knots tends to tie me in knots. Here is the website to help you figure those pesky things out.



You scouting guys will like this site. They have a hefty newsletter too.



If you ever want to do anything outdoors in Florida, you have to spend a little time here. They have awesome videos.

Other Camping Related News


Useful camper resources I may have been given or stumbled across.


Here are three examples of websites that I have found very interesting and/or useful over the years.


KenRalston - owner




Email: Ken@camping-tips.com


Phone: (928) 301-9004

( Daylight hours please - I'm on Arizona time- weekends OK ;-)

Closing Notes


Down here you might find just some general thoughts that are usually designed to inspire and motivate your camping efforts.


However, I usually also beg and plead for you to spend a little time snooping around my websites, Youtube and Facebook channels and encourage you to share your newsletter with camping friends.


So that's how the newsletter is designed. I hope you chose to participate and feel free to offer up your suggestions, criticisms and such. ( I actually prefer phone calls ;- )

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